4 Simple Steps to Launching a Survey with AskToluna

We have many options for launching your survey on QuickSurveys. One option is to use our millions of consumers in the AskToluna function. This option gives you the opportunity to use advanced analytics functionality as well as other premium features.

Another great part about using the Toluna panel for your QuickSurveys: you can monitor your results–in real time! As respondents answer your questions, your reporting page will drop a pin on the map to let you know where they’re answering from, while also showing you the answer selections respondents are making and their full demographic profile.

Here are the steps to do it yourself!

Go to Launch page and click the “Ask Toluna” button

Click the “ + “ sign until you achieve your desired total number of respondents then click “Add.”

Total number includes completes, quota full, and screen outs.

Click Launch

Using the Toluna panel via QuickSurveys is especially valuable when you’re limited with time and budget, and you don’t have your own list of respondents. Give it a shot. There’s a reason so many QuickSurveys users use the Toluna panel, and it’s about time you found out firsthand.


Need more instruction? Navigate back to the main page, and select your category.

Don’t have time to become a survey pro? Enlist ours.

Upgrade your account to Premium.

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