Automated Infoboards via Mobile

We’re pleased to announce the latest enhancement to our fully automated solutions, PowerConcept and PowerPack: mobile infoboard reporting!

Not yet familiar with our automated packaging and concept solutions?

PowerConcept is a fully-automated, real-time concept testing tool that enables users to understand the overall strength of their branding, product or advertising concepts. Similarly, PowerPack is a fully-automated, real-time package testing tool created to accelerate time to insight and speed to shelf.

Both solutions provide an automated, c-level ready infoboard allowing users to compare key measures and metrics, empowering them to make fast, informed decisions.

Users can now access these infoboards just as they would from their QuickSurveys dashboard, or directly from a TolunaAnalytics link in the browser. Features in the infoboard on mobile include:

  • Number of Completes
  • Demographics
  • Key Findings
  • Purchase Intent
  • Summary Maps
  • Purchase Drivers
  • Proposition Statements
  • Brand Appeal
  • Exporting a .pptx file (accessed through Microsoft PowerPoint app)


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