Adding Targets on the Launch Page

Setting targets allows your survey to reach a specific set of respondents. Did you know you can add up to 3 targets when using AskToluna in addition to the country you have selected?  If you need more than 3, or want very specific demographic or profiling targets, we suggest you take advantage of our advantaged targeting, AskToluna Pro.

In the meantime, if you have simple targets, you can add up to 3 of these

  • Gender
  • Age (18: 55+)
  • Age bands are: 18-34, 35-54, 55+
  • Region
  • Ethnicity
  • Race
  • Education Level
  • Income (annual household)
  • Work Position
  • Shopping (primary grocery shopper)
  • # of Children in household (0: 9+)
  • Household Size (1: 9+)

Here’s how you can do this:

On the Launch Page within AskToluna Pro, select “Target Your Audience” and a pop-up window will appear.

Select your target category, then use the slider to adjust the settings to your liking.

Using the toggle at the top will allow you to go to an advanced mode for your targeting. In the gender example, you’ll be able to check or uncheck male or female here.

Clicking on the down arrows enable you to type in percentages. The percentage box will autofill the number of respondents based on your percentage entered.  Clicking on “Clear” erases responses and brings you back to the advanced gender page.

When you are satisfied with your targets, click UPDATE.  To erase your settings, click RESET

One thing to remember when targeting: since targets vary by market, make sure you select your target country first.


Need more instruction? Navigate back to the main page, and select your category.

Don’t have time to become a survey pro? Enlist ours.

Upgrade your account to Premium.

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