Analytics FAQs

If you can’t find an answer within this FAQ page, take a look at our Resource Directory for more in-depth tutorials on how to use certain features within the analytics and reporting pages.

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Can I cross-tabulate my survey data on the standard Report page?

Yes, you can cross-tabulate your questions on the standard Report page by demographic information. Simply click on “View Answers By” tab within the preferred question, and select the demographic attribute you’d like to cross-tabulate by. For custom cross tabulations, please subscribe to our monthly premium features plan to use the advanced reporting and analytics feature.

Can I password protect my data when sharing it with someone else?

Though all of your data is kept 100% confidential if you choose to share your data via the reporting page, there is an option to protect it with a password. To do so, make sure your survey is upgraded to include advanced reporting and analytics, then click on the Share icon in the top navigation. Here, you’ll see the various options for sharing a report with others, including adding a password.

Can I see individual respondent data?

Yes, by exporting the raw data report from your standard Report page, you will see respondent level results. You may also export SPSS data on the reporting page to get individual respondent data.

I want to send my list out to my own list and keep track of who takes the survey. How can I do that?

From the demographics tab on your Build page, you can select Contact Information to help you link back to who took your survey. Selecting “Full name” and “Email” would be most effective. If you export your raw data, you can see a list of names and emails in your data.

What is AskTheNation?

AskTheNation takes sample size and panelist information like age, gender, race, ethnicity, education, region and household income into account. Based on census data, each sample of 300 respondents or more is weighted to get the exact demographic profile of gender, age and region of the national population. Wherever nationally-representative survey results are available, you can view them at no additional cost.

How many respondents do I need to use AskTheNation in my reporting?

In order to use free AskTheNation feature on the standard Report page, you need to have at least 300 respondents and only target by country.