It is with great pleasure and excitement that we announce our latest solution for shelf testing – PowerShelf, found within the PowerSuite (our suite of fully automated research tools).  This DIY automated solution allows the user to easily replicate the retail environment to understand the impact packaging and shelf placement have on product standout.

Other benefits include:

  • Test the impact of shelf layout changes in real-time without any implication to ROI
  • Understand the impact that packaging and shelf placement have on a product’s standout
  • Replicate shelf display within a retail environment to assess its impact on products and portfolio

You can access PowerShelf by clicking on “Create Survey“, choosing “AskToluna” then clicking on “PowerSuite” and then “PowerShelf“:

powershelf 1

How it works:

  • Select your packaging category
  • Target your precise audience
  • Add up to 8 packaging concepts and their shelf display to test and set timed exposures
  • Customize your survey with our intuitive wizard guiding the way

PowerShelf takes it from there, building your survey in real-time, with reporting available as soon as the first response comes in! Results will be presented on an C-suite infoboard.


Stay tuned for future tips and tricks!


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