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Overview of PowerConcept – an automated concept testing solution

Have you had a chance to try out our concept-testing platform, PowerConcept? This automated solution allows you to accelerate your time-to-insight through an intuitive wizard and industry-proven methodology. Users can run concept tests to understand the overall strengths of their branding, product, or advertising concepts TEN times faster than traditional research methods.

How it works:

  1. Select your concept category
  2. Target your precise audience
  3. Add up to 8 concepts to test
  4. Customize your survey with our intuitive wizard guiding the way

PowerConcept takes it from there, building your survey and delivering you powerful insights in real-time, and at a fraction of the cost of traditional concept testing methods!

Where can I access this? To select this, click on the Create menu and then click on Automated Survey.

Select PowerConcept, and then on Build Your Survey

Select your concept category then target your precise audience with over 200 demographic and profiling targets to choose from. (see our post on advanced targeting for more info)

The wizard takes you through a simple 7 steps, where you can add up to 4 profiling/screening questions, upload up to 8 concepts, identify competitors, and choose industry-standard statements for the respondent to answer.

Lastly, click Approve & Launch!

Results will be presented on a C-suite infoboard that can also be downloaded into a PowerPoint that is ready for you to take into a meeting.

If you have any other questions about PowerConcept, consult the FAQs


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Automated Infoboards via Mobile

We’re pleased to announce the latest enhancement to our fully automated solutions, PowerConcept and PowerPack: mobile infoboard reporting!

Not yet familiar with our automated packaging and concept solutions?

PowerConcept is a fully-automated, real-time concept testing tool that enables users to understand the overall strength of their branding, product or advertising concepts. Similarly, PowerPack is a fully-automated, real-time package testing tool created to accelerate time to insight and speed to shelf.

Both solutions provide an automated, c-level ready infoboard allowing users to compare key measures and metrics, empowering them to make fast, informed decisions.

Users can now access these infoboards just as they would from their QuickSurveys dashboard, or directly from a TolunaAnalytics link in the browser. Features in the infoboard on mobile include:

  • Number of Completes
  • Demographics
  • Key Findings
  • Purchase Intent
  • Summary Maps
  • Purchase Drivers
  • Proposition Statements
  • Brand Appeal
  • Exporting a .pptx file (accessed through Microsoft PowerPoint app)


Need more instruction? Navigate back to the main page, and select your category.

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Toluna Launches Fully-Automated, Real-Time Concept Testing Tool

PowerConcept is the latest addition to the PowerSuite available within the QuickSurveys platform; methodology powered by Harris Interactive

Wilton, CT, September 19, 2016 – Toluna, leading provider of on-demand, real-time digital consumer insights, announces the launch of the latest addition to the PowerSuite available within the QuickSurveys platform, PowerConcept. Toluna’s revolutionary QuickSurveys platform boasts an ever-expanding suite of Automated Insights products that guide users from survey design through deployment, respondent targeting, and data visualization with a click of a button, all in real-time.

Frédéric-Charles Petit, Toluna’s CEO believes that “Automation and digitalization are the keys to success for market research professionals, and marketers who rely on direct access to research solutions to power real-time, informed decision-making.  PowerConcept is comprehensive, the interface is easy-to-use, insight is available in real-time, and extremely actionable.   We’ve built a suite of tools that meet the needs of brands and agencies alike.”

Phil Ahad, Senior Vice President, Digital Solutions states, “We’re changing the way people conduct research and empower them to do it on their own, armed with superior methodologies embedded into an intuitive platform. PowerConcept is powered by Harris Interactive, and provides brands and creative agencies with the best tool possible as research quality is infused in the process.” Ahad continues “We’ve found speed and accessibility are critically important for concept testing in particular.  PowerConcept provides the fastest and highest quality of concept research data in the market.”

PowerConcept enables users to understand the overall strength of their branding, product, or advertising concepts, yielding insights ten times faster than traditional concept testing methods and at a fraction of the cost, with high-quality results.

How PowerConcept works within QuickSurveys Automated Insights;
1. Select a concept product, or service category.
2. Add up to 8 concepts, which can be images, video, or copy.
3. Create the survey with an intuitive wizard guiding the way
4. Target their audience in real-time leveraging the Toluna community of 10+ million (in most of Toluna’s 59 markets).

PowerConcept then builds the survey in real time, with a full reporting suite available in minutes:

  • Read-to-share info board of actionable and directional insights.
  • Comprehensive PowerPoint deck of customizable slides.
  • A reporting dashboard for advanced data visualization and analysis capabilities.

Toluna QuickSurveys received 10 million dollars in private funding in Q4 2015 to accelerate development.

About Toluna

Toluna is a leading provider of real-time digital consumer insights and empowers companies to brainstorm ideas, uncover new business opportunities and answer their questions in real time. Toluna is transforming the way marketing decisions are made by bringing consumers and brands together via the world’s largest social voting community of 22 million members across 68 countries. This real-time access to consumers is coupled with its state-of-the-art, market research survey and analytics platform. Toluna has 19 offices in Europe, North America, Asia, and MENAP. For more information, please visit

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