Consult the QuickSurveys Support Team

Did you know we have a team of QuickSurveys experts standing by to answer your questions, and they’re only an email away? You can contact them here, and you can expect to receive an answer within 2 business hours after submitting a ticket.

Before you contact our support team, we have one tip for you to try! If you are experiencing any sort of technical issue check these three things first.

Many issues are resolved with the following solutions:

  1. Check to see if you have the latest version of Firefox or Chrome
  2. Make sure there is no pop-up blocker installed on your browser
  3. Try a routine clear cache and cookies from your Internet browser
  4. Try looking here in the resource center to see if we have a tutorial that solves your problem

To help them best assist you, be sure to provide the following details

    • The email address to your QuickSurveys account, not your preferred email
    • Survey Title (if applicable)
    • Browser (if applicable)
    • Screenshot highlighting any difficulties or issues

Here are some recent examples of questions the support team has received from QuickSurveys users like you:

    • “I want to keep my respondents engaged. What question types should I use?”
    • “I need help targeting my audience…”
    • “How do I purchase more credits?”
    • “I need help using the filters…”
    • “Can I exclude respondents who have previously taken one of my surveys?”
    • “How do I upload videos and images to my survey?”
    • “How can I find a survey template that works best for me?”
    • “How do I upload my logo and customize colors in my survey?”

Bonus tip: Never make any changes to a survey that was already launched. Even if that survey rendered no respondents. The only possible change to a live survey is pausing the survey, adding more respondents and un-pausing.

So next time you’re stumped and need some help with your survey, remember our support team is here to help!


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