Create Digital Communities in Minutes with Toluna QuickCommunities

Create Branded Digital Communities in Minutes

Toluna QuickCommunities™ is a revolutionary DIY platform enabling you to create a highly-engaging, branded, web-based community in just minutes, then recruit your precisely targeted audience from the global Toluna community (or from any survey) — all in real-time. Collect rich, real-time, cost-effective qualitative and quantitative insight on an ongoing basis with just the click of a button, by sending surveys, presenting topics for discussion, and viewing results — all within a single platform.

1. Build a web-based community portal with Toluna’s intuitive wizard that provides an array of customization options to ensure compliance with a company’s brand guidelines.

2. Target and Launch by inviting precisely targeted community members directly from Toluna’s global consumer panel, selecting from more than 200 demographic and behavioral profiles – and then launch the community and invite members with a single click.

3. Engage directly with community members in real-time with discussion topics, integrated surveys and managed incentive programs to garner the insights you need.

Reporting for QuickCommunities is available in real-time through Toluna’s sophisticated data visualization and analytics tool, TolunaAnalyticsTM.

Where can I access this?

From the QuickSurveys homepage, click on Create Community

Fill out the information on the Create Your Community page.

Click Done and move onto the Invite page where you can select your Target audience. Follow this blog on how to select your audience.

Create your Screening Questions. Consult our Best Practices Guide for more info. These are not required for your community but are very helpful for orienting participants.

Click Checkout when screener questions are complete.

Preview your community via the Checkout Page and make Edits if you need to. From this screen you can also change the start/end dates as well as times.

Once done, click Approve & Launch!

Here’s a video showing you exactly how to do this as well:

Stay tuned for future tips and tricks to make the most out of your QuickCommunity. For now, request the Best Practices Guide from a sales representative or email our support.


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