Customization Options within QuickSurveys

Users now have even greater control when it comes to customizing the look and feel of their surveys. From basic to advanced, we have you covered. Read this post to learn all the ways we offer customization for your survey.

Watch this video or read the post below:

Within the Define portion of your survey, you can…

Customize the survey by Adding a Logo.

QuickSurveys_Stacked (3)

Customize color scheme – simply select right from the color palette, or enter your Hex colors for each of these sections:

  1. Text, progress bar, and navigation buttons
  2. Selection buttons
  3. Header & Footer
customize survey
customize survey 2

Hide the “Back Button or hide the “Survey Title”

customize survey 3

Some advanced customization tools are available for our premium users within the Build portion of your survey. These custom options include:

  • FONT
  • Font Size
  • Bolding
  • Italicizing
  • Underlining
  • Font Color
  • Highlight Color
  • <Source Coding>

You can format question text with the formatting pop-up.

You can format answer text with HTML coding. Use our guide on the right-hand side to help you.

Here’s how to format within the answer text fields:

customize survey 6

Here’s what it  looks like in the survey:

customize survey 7

Lastly, you can add custom JavaScript to a survey page to enhance questionnaire with ad-hoc logic. (For example, prefill responses with parameters from the survey URL or auto-populate questions based on previous responses. JavaScript is available to add on the Introduction page as well. You can ask support ( for programming assistance with this if needed.)

To add Javascript, go to the left section and select the Element type ‘JS’

javascript 1

Add your javascript right into the field and click ‘Save’. 


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