Defining Quotas with Advanced Targeting (AskToluna Pro)

There are 3 audience selections that you can make with QuickSurveys: AskToluna , AskToluna Pro which is our advanced targeting option, or sending out to your own audience. If you have selected AskToluna Pro, this post is for you. Alternatively, you can watch this video:

In the Creating A Survey with Advanced Targeting post, we showed you how to select and customize your target ranges. Once you select your targets, you will then be prompted to define the quotas you want for each of your targets.

There are 3 ways you can define your quotas for each target range:

A.  You can input the number of respondents you want in each target range. Make sure the total across ranges equals your total targeted number of respondents.

B. Secondly, you can input the percentage % of total respondents you would like for each target range. Make sure the total across ranges equals 100%

C. Lastly, you can click into one of the boxes to reveal a blue magic wand. click on the wand to evenly distribute the total respondents into the target ranges

When finished, click Calculate at the bottom of the screen to ensure that the targets you have set are feasible.

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