Determining Feasibility with Advanced Targeting (AskToluna Pro)

There are 3 audience selections that you can make with QuickSurveys:  AskToluna, AskToluna Pro which is our advanced targeting option or sending out to your own audience. If you have selected AskToluna Pro, this post is for you. Alternatively, you can watch this video:

Once you’ve chosen your targets, defined your quotas, it’s best practice to check feasibility. QuickSurveys makes it simple and easy for you to do this. Once you define your quotas click on “calculate” to determine if the targets you have chosen are feasible.

Green bars indicate that targets are feasible. In this case, we are good to go.

Here’s an example of how a target looks when it is NOT feasible.

If you hit the calculate button, and your targets are NOT feasible, they will be highlighted in red and you will see the number of possible respondents for each. You will need to adjust or expand your target filters and ranges until you achieve feasibility.

Once you do achieve feasibility which are displayed by the green bars, you click Continue to finish building your survey in QuickSurveys.

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