Duplicating A Survey

Want to run your survey a second time? You can do this so easily within the QuickSurveys dashboard, and save time not having to script the survey from scratch again by simply duplicating it. Here’s how to do this:

Hover over the three dots on the right side of where your survey is in the dashboard. This will expose a drop-down illustrated by three vertical dots on the right-hand side.

Select “Duplicate“.

Once you select this, you can select your audience (either AskToluna, AskTolunaPro or My Own Audience) and a copy of your survey, including content and any logic will appear at the top of your dashboard, and you will be all set!

Surveys can be duplicated no matter the field status, allowing you to clone closed surveys, live surveys, or even pending surveys, providing for a “template” to be scripted once and used several times over.


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