Experience Real-Time Package Testing with PowerPack

Our newest automated solution platform, PowerPack, makes it easy for you to test product packaging concepts including design, shape and messaging before you launch into the marketplace. Through an intuitive wizard and industry-proven methodology, users are able to run package tests to understand the overall strengths and weaknesses of their package concepts 10x faster than traditional methods and at a fraction of the cost.

How it works:

1. Select your packaging category
2. Target your precise audience.
3. Add up to 8 packaging concepts to test and set timed exposures
4. Customize your survey with our intuitive wizard guiding the way

Where can I access this? To select this, click on the Create and then Automated Survey. 

Select PowerPack, and then click on “Build Your Survey.”

Select your package category then target your precise audience with over 200 demographic and profiling targets to choose from. (see our post on advanced targeting for more info)

The wizard takes you through a simple 8 steps, where you can identify competitors, upload up to 8 different packaging concepts, add screening questions and additional questions, set timed exposures, and choose industry-standard statements for the respondent to answer.

Lastly, click Approve & Launch!

Results will be presented on an C-suite infoboard that can also be downloaded into a PowerPoint that is ready for you to take into a meeting.

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