Full-Service Projects for QuickSurveys

Toluna QuickSurveys is an incredibly innovative, self-service software. But did you know that you can also have your survey programmed, scripted, and analyzed by an expert here at Toluna? Well, you can! If you prefer to have your project managed by us, we have an expert, completely full-service team of Project Managers, which you can access for all of your survey needs.

Every full-service project for QuickSurveys is assigned to a Project Manager.

But even once it’s assigned to a Project Manager, you’re still the boss! You make the decisions, and we make it happen. A Project Manager is one person, a single point of contact; who are dedicated to making sure your survey process runs smoothly from start to finish. Think of the QuickSurveys project managers as an extension of your team.

What your QuickSurveys Project Manager does:

  • Review questionnaires.
  • Works with the client to get their questionnaire error-free.
  • Programs questionnaires, or submits for programming.
  • Review and test programmed surveys.
  • Make changes to programmed survey as needed, per clients request.
  • Launch and target the survey.
  • Monitor surveys and make sure there are no issues with completing in the client’s requested timeline.
  • Help the client look through their data and dive more in-depth with any TolunaAnalytics needs.

By the completion of your project, your QuickSurveys Project Manager will be like your new best friend. They’ll hold your hand all the way through the process and will never launch a survey without a client’s approval.

Consider trying a full-service project with QuickSurveys on your next job!


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