How To Launch a Survey with Email Lists

When creating a survey in QuickSurveys, you have the choice to launch your survey to Toluna’s million-member panel, or to your own audience. One option to launch with your own audience is via email lists. Please note this is a premium feature.

View the video, or read the post below:

After logging into, click on Create Survey and select “My own audience”.

Go through the Define and Build portions of the tool. Once you’ve completed that portion, you’ll get to the Launch page. You’ll see a section that says ‘add respondents to your survey’. Click on the “email” icon. and then on Edit Email List

Click on upload and select the file containing your list of contacts that you want to survey.  You can upload your list via csv file or excel. See the examples below. Make sure that your file is formatted with one line per  respondent email and any other info on the same line.

You can upload your logo, add your subject, title, content, language or leave the default messaging. Note that$Panelist$ inserts the panelist name you provided in your uploaded file and $SurveySender$ inserts the name of the account holder the survey is being sent from.

Lastly, click on the Captcha and click Save.

Once you are satisfied with your settings, you can click Launch when you are ready to send the email invites.

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