The Internal Survey Name

Do you have surveys in your QuickSurveys account that have similar titles, generic titles (Lifestyle, Entertainment, Travel) or maybe titles in other languages? This can understandably make it difficult for you to easily distinguish the details of each survey.

For this reason, QuickSurveys offers the internal name feature, created so you can give you surveys a more descriptive label! Internal names are visible only to you through your survey management page and can be modified at any time.

Here’s where the internal name is located and how it can be modified: 

To add an internal name to a new survey…

1. Select CREATE in the upper right corner, then go ahead and enter your Survey Title on the Define page (shown below). (For existing surveys, skip to Step 2)

2. Once a title is entered, you’ll notice that same title populated under the Survey Title field next to Your survey’s internal name will be: ______ (shown below). To modify this, click the Edit button and enter your desired internal name, then click outside of the box to commit the new name.


Need more instruction? Navigate back to the main page, and select your category.

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