Heatmaps in PowerPack

We are excited to introduce “Heatmaps” on PowerPack.

Heatmaps provide a very clear way of understanding, in detail and with greater accuracy, how the concept/pack/image stimulus is capturing consumer attention. It will show which areas grab immediate attention and which appeal/don’t appeal to consumers.

PowerPack has an intuitive wizard where you can create a packaging test within 8 steps. You can find Heatmap on Step 4 under “Options” as well as Step 7 where you can select 4 new packaging statements that ask respondents questions about Like/Dislike, Confusion, New and Different, as well as Believability. See below:

Respondents in the survey will be shown a picture and asked questions about the packaging based on what you selected in the packaging concepts in Step 7.

Results display in real time on an infoboard on the reporting dashboard. The visual representation of data shows values represented as colors, indicating which areas of the stimuli grab immediate attention, and which areas appeal or don’t appeal to the audience.

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