Market Research Acronyms and Abbreviations

The terms below are typically second nature for those who have experience in market research. For those who are looking to become a survey pro, here’s a list of the most commonly used market research acronyms and abbreviations. With these terms and survey insights in your hands, you’ll look like a pro in no time.

CPI:  Cost Per Interview. This is average cost it will be for each completed interview or survey.

Gen Pop or GP: General population, or general population of the selected country. Market researchers often abbreviate to make it sound flashy or fun.

IR:  Incidence Rate. Incidence rate is the percentage of persons eligible to participate in the study. For example, if you are looking for the incidence of gen pop for the US it will be 100%. However, if you are looking for an incidence rate for people who have ordered pizza in the past 12 months, the “IR” is roughly 81% of the general population.

LOI:  Length of Interview. The length of interview is the estimated time that it will take for the average respondent to complete the survey.

MR: Market Research. If you are creating a survey, you are conducting market research. It’s good to know that within the industry, the acronym is used frequently.

MS:  Multi-select. Multi-select questions are otherwise known as choice questions, where a respondent can select multiple from multiple answers provided.

Nat Rep: Nationally representative panel. A nationally representative panel is one that will include a readable sample of respondents that is reflective of the nation based on particular demographics such as age, gender, and region.

OE: Open End. An open-ended question is one where a question is posed, and a text box is given to the respondent to freely type an answer.

PN:  Programming note. Programming notes illustrate the intended logic regarding the flow of the survey. For example, a Programming Note may dictate that if a respondent selects a particular answer at Question 4, they should skip over Question 5 and continue with Question 6.

QF: Quota Full Quota Full respondents are respondents that have already started the respective survey, once a particular quota has been met. If a survey has been launched with a sample requirement of 100 completes, but there are 25 people who are currently taking the survey once the 100th respondent has finished, those 25 people are allowed to continue the survey to completion, and are qualified as “Quota Fulls.” Their data is still perfectly fine to use, and Toluna Analytics will allow the option to easily toggle these respondents “on” or “off” when analyzing data.

QNR or QRE:  Questionnaire. The questionnaire is the survey questions you or a professional has come up with to ask interviewees/respondents.

SS: Single Select. Single select questions come from choice questions, where a respondent can select only one answer from a choice question.


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