Maximize Survey Participation via Emails

When you’re sending a survey to your own list of respondents via email, it’s critical to do your best to ensure your respondents will open the email and click through to the survey. To do this, you’ll want to keep these simple and effective tips in mind:

Optimize your subject line.

Keep the subject line straightforward so it’s clear to respondents what they must do. Try asking a question to peak interest, or mention your brand (if applicable).

  • Example 1: ‘Can you answer some questions about movies you’ve seen?’
  • Example 2: Help influence the next MOVIE campaign with your feedback.

Give them a preview.

Before your respondent even opens an email, most will see some preview text (the beginning of the body of your email message). Make sure this text is just as appealing as your subject line so it hooks your respondents. Do you have an incentive you’re offering for each survey completion? Is there any fun background information to share? Include that here.

Timing is key.

When are you more likely to read your emails? It’s probably the same for your respondents. Most of us don’t weed through our inboxes in the middle of the night and are more likely to do so during the day. You don’t want your email invitation to get buried among junk mail and email blasts from retailers, so keep in mind the time zone your respondents are in and when they’re more likely to read emails and send your invitation then.

Optimize for mobile.

More and more people are using their phone versus desktop, so it’s important to test your email to make sure it works and looks good on a mobile device.

Make your list, check it twice.

To ensure delivery of your email invitation to your respondents, take the time to make sure there are no typos in your list and that to the best of your knowledge, they’re valid. If you’re sending the email through QuickSurveys, also be sure that your list is in the correct format for upload by using one of the example files located in the email window on the Launch page.


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