Merging and Splitting Targets in QuickSurveys

AskToluna Proour advanced targeting option, allows you to choose from over 200 demographic and profiling information for your audience.  There are instances where you want to condense the number of targets provided or alternatively, create broader ranges. If you are looking to do this within the targeting section, then this is the post for you.

Let’s use Annual Household Income as the example:


Once you’ve selected this target, a pop-up window like the one below will show up. To start the merging process, it is recommended that you select “uncheck all”.

Click on the incomes or targets you want to merge together. Then select “Merge or split answers”

This brings you to a page where you will confirm which of the grouping you would like to merge. Check the targets you want and then click “Merge Selected”

With the result being the screen pictured below.

By clicking the blue arrow in the top left-hand corner of the screen above, you’ll return to the original screen to find the items you selected to be merged now showing as 1 variable.

If you want to include the rest of the targets in your overall targeting, you must at this point, select all of the targets you need to add them to your overall targeting profile. You can adjust the quotas thereafter.


Splitting your targets is just as simple. First, check the merged target and then click “merge or split answers”

On the next screen, you will have to confirm that same target again and then click “Split Selected.”

Once you are satisfied, you can click the arrow button to go back to the main screen for that target and further merge or split as needed.

The next step from here is to define quotas and determine feasibility .


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