New Enhancements to Images and Videos

We are pleased to announce that we’ve made some enhancements to images and videos within the QuickSurveys platform. Overall these enhancements give the user more options, and the respondent a better user experience. See full list of enhancements below:


  • Dynamic Watermarking – For advanced protection, a dynamic watermark that is specific to each respondent, can now be enabled to uploaded videos.
  • Watch to End – Respondents can now be required to watch a video in its entirety before continuing within the survey.
  • Upload Video (premium feature) – Videos can now be uploaded to survey questions. This is available with a premium subscription (details on the premium subscription here).


  • Resizing – Images will keep proportions after upload and resizing.
  • Enhanced Zoom – Respondents now have an optimized zoom feature to better view images throughout surveys.
  • Show/Hide Image Label Text – Image label text and answer text can now be hidden to just show the images themselves.

How do I access these features?   You can access these features when uploading videos and images to in the QuickSurvey platform.


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