New Premium Survey Customization Features Added!

We have just added a few new features to our survey scripting capabilities within QuickSurveys for premium subscribers.

1. Advanced Customization: Further customize your question and answer text for Choice Questions, Rating Questions, Matrix Questions, and Ranking Questions with these features:

  • Apply advanced styling to question text such as colors, bolditalic, custom alignment, font size and the separation of question titles in a few lines.


  • Apply basic custom styling to answer texts including the ability to highlight parts of answers as bolditalic and underline, as well as adding HTML code to the answer text



  • Add custom JavaScript to a survey page to enhance questionnaire with ad-hoc logic. (For example, prefill responses with parameters from the survey URL or auto-populate questions based on previous responses. JavaScript is available to add on the Introduction page as well. You can ask support ( for programming assistance with this if needed.


2. Added Advanced Piping & Masking

  • Use Masking with More Question Types:  You can now mask from Matrix, Rating, and Ranking Questions (previously you could only mask from Choice and Tile questions). and also users can mask TO Choice, Tile, Matrix, Rating and Ranking questions.


  • Chained masking – Have multiple masking rules for one question: Users can set up multiple masking rules for each question they choose to mask with.  Previously, users were unable to have more than one rule associated with each question. When attempting to mask an answer list from Q1 into Q2 into Q3, an error message would appear when trying to mask a rule on Q3. This is no longer the case, so mask away!

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