Overview of the Reporting Dashboard

Our reporting dashboard is a real-time reporting tool for analyzing and exporting completed survey results quickly and easily. It also provides powerful analysis by offering statistical features like nesting tabulations or weighting results. You do not need to be proficient in data research or have prior advanced knowledge of data processing to understand the platform.


  • Create simple tabulations with percentages and number of respondents and a variety of graphs
  • Build cross-tabulations based on one question or the entire report
  • Subpopulation filters on questions and attributes
  • Combine questions and attributes by creating simple and advanced segments
  • Create segment groups and nested segments
  • Weight criteria and run analysis on national representative population
  • select key finding and share customized reports in just a few clicks
  • Share reports online in real-time mode
  • Export reports to Excel, SPSS or PowerPoint

Accessing Reports: 

You can access your report by clicking on the reporting button in any QuickSurvey’s dashboard.


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