Premium Features in QuickSurveys

As you wander around the QuickSurveys tool, you might notice a little diamond icon next to some of the features within the platform. This diamond indicates that this is a premium feature, included when you upgrade your account to a subscription.


WHAT IS IT?   You get all standard free features plus all of these:

Piping & Masking:

    • How to use it: Refer to this post
    • Why you need it:
        • For those of you new to the terminology, piping is used to transfer data between a source question and a target question, where selected answers in the source question will be added to the question text of the target questionMasking is used to transfer data between a source question and a target question, where selected answers in the source question will be added as answer options in the target question.
      • These features offer more ways to customize the survey experience for your respondents! It makes it easy for respondents to answer follow-up questions based on answer selections they’ve made by reminding them of what those answers were. This way, only relevant information is displayed.
      • Use Masking with More Question Types:  You can now mask from Matrix, Rating, and Ranking Questions (previously you could only mask from Choice and Tile questions). and also users can mask TO Choice, Tile, Matrix, Rating and Ranking questions.
      • Chained masking – Have multiple masking rules for one question: Users can set up multiple masking rules for each question they choose to mask with.  Previously, users were unable to have more than one rule associated with each question. When attempting to mask an answer list from Q1 into Q2 into Q3, an error message would appear when trying to mask a rule on Q3. This is no longer the case, so mask away!
    • Takeaway:  Customize the survey experience for respondents, making it easy for them to answer questions based on their previous answer selections.
    • Example:
            • Piping: You ask the multiple choice question “Which of the following electronic devices do you own?” and you want to pipe in their answers into the next question “You mentioned you own ___. How often do you use your ___”
            • Masking: You ask a multiple choice question, “You mentioned you purchased the following in the last 6 months. Which of these items did you most recently purchase?” . You can mask the answers into this question from another page.

Secure Video Hosting:

  • How to use it: Refer to this post
  • Why you need it: Secure video hosting enables users to safely upload video to their surveys, with the peace of mind that their content is protected and respondents are required to watch each video from beginning to end before proceeding.
  • Takeaway: This feature forces users to watch the entirety of a video, instead of them skimming through the video, as well as securing your video so content is protected.
  • Example: Perhaps you have a 60-second advertisement video that you want respondents to watch. Using secure video hosting will make sure respondents view the ENTIRE video securely before answering questions.

Unlimited Email Invites:

  • How to use it: When on the Launch page, click on the Email icon. A pop-up window will appear where you can upload your list, logo, and email content right there.
  • Why you need it: E-mail your surveys to your own list of contacts right through the QuickSurveys platform. You can send unlimited surveys to unlimited lists. Without the premium feature, you are not able to send your survey to your own list.
  • Example: You are a company with a large email subscription list and want to send this survey to these customers. You will only be able to do this with an upgrade to premium.

Advanced Analytics

  • How to use it: Refer to this post
  • Why you need it: Upgrade your reports for advanced analysis and data visualization options. Create custom subpopulations and cross-tabulations; apply filters and weights; conduct significance testing; upload customized PPT templates for export – and more!
  • TakeawayOur analytics dashboard provides an advanced analysis and visualization tool that empowers you to conduct a more sophisticated analysis of your QuickSurveys data.
  • Example: Sub-populations give you an advantage when you want an in-depth look at your respondents. Many users will cut data for demographics like Females, Age 18-34 or People who live in the Northeast.

Operational Quotas:

  • How to use it: Refer to this post
  • Why you need it: Easily set limits on answer options, ensuring a balanced sample representative of your target audience. Quotas refer to the maximum number of respondents that can answer a specific answer for a specific question.
  • Takeaway: These are used mainly to qualify a number of respondents or percentage of respondents who answer a question a certain way. This does not help with overall targeting.
  • Example: Say you launch a survey about potato chips. One of the multiple choice questions is about snack purchasing habits and you want to make sure that there is a minimum of 30% who “occasionally buy salty snacks” and a minimum of 30% who “always buy salty snacks”.

Custom-End pages

  • How to use it: Refer to this post
  • Why you need it: Custom end-pages give you the option to redirect your own respondents at the end of a survey to a landing page of your choice.
  • Example: You can use custom-end pages to direct respondents to your website once they have completed the survey.

Random Assignment: 

  • How to use it: Refer to this post
  • Why you need it: With Random Assignment, users can easily execute a multitude of studies within QuickSurveys, including concept testing, ad and messaging testing, iterations and more. Users can now test multiple versions of a concept with their target audience and rest assured that any changes observed after comparing the data are due to the concepts themselves — not the characteristics of the audience.
  • Conduct concept tests without bias by randomly displaying blocks of concepts (including text, videos or images) and/or questions.
  • Takeaway: It’s an easy way to get feedback fast on a new product or concept.
  • Example: Use this feature to randomly expose 1 or many concept

Do Not Ask Question/Page:

  • How to use it: Refer to this post
  • Why you need itDo Not Ask is an advanced filter logic that enables users to simply flag questions and/or pages within their survey they do not want to be shown to respondents based on their answers within the survey. What previously required more complex logic programming now only takes a few clicks!
  • Takeaway: Use  the Do Not Ask feature to add conditional logic to your survey without having to spend extra time creating complex filters
  • Example: You have a survey about personal care products and you ask the question in the screenshot below. This question has a list of hair products including “at home hair color”. There is a follow up question on Page 2 “What brand of at-home hair color do you buy?” So you set up a rule for page 1 that says if the respondent didn’t answer “at home hair color” for page 1, then do not ask page 2.

Advanced Customization:

Further customize your question and answer text for Choice Questions, Rating Questions, Matrix Questions, and Ranking Questions with these features:

  • Apply advanced styling to question text such as colors, bolditalic, custom alignment, font size and the separation of question titles in a few lines.
  • Apply basic custom styling to answer texts including the ability to highlight parts of answers as bolditalic and underline, as well as adding HTML code to the answer text
  • Add custom JavaScript to a survey page to enhance questionnaire with ad-hoc logic. (For example, prefill responses with parameters from the survey URL or auto-populate questions based on previous responses. JavaScript is available to add on the Introduction page as well. You can ask support ( for programming assistance with this if needed.


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