Previewing Your Survey

Previewing and testing your survey is important for a few reasons – it allows for adjustment to the look of a survey before launch,  review of the survey flow,  as well as making sure it’s a good experience for the respondent.

In this post, we will show you exactly how to preview your survey. You can view it video the video here, or by reading the post below.

You can preview your survey in a few places within QuickSurveys.

The first is WHILE building your questionnaire. There is a preview button within the question itself. This allows you to see the display of that particular question

To preview an entire survey within the Build portion, save your current question, then click on the Preview button at the bottom.

You’ll see that when in preview mode, you have a choice to view the questionnaire via desktop, or mobile.

You can also preview your survey from the Launch page

The preview mode here allows you to preview the entire survey from the beginning, or you can ‘jump to question’ which allows you the choice to preview your entire questionnaire or preview from a certain question. This is great for when you might have logic that starts on page 5 of your questionnaire, and you just want to check the logic for that question. This is also useful for previewing a sequence of questions without needing to start from the beginning.

Have a colleague or friend check it as well – share the test preview link with them

By taking these extra steps, this will not only give your respondents the best survey experience but will also help catch errors, so that the survey experience will be smooth.

After previewing your survey, you can launch!


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