QuickCommunities FAQS

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What is Toluna QuickCommunities?

Toluna QuickCommunities™, part of the QuickSurveys platform, is a revolutionary DIY solution enabling you to create a highly-engaging, branded, online community in minutes, then recruit your precisely targeted audience from the global Toluna community (or from any survey) — all in real-time. Collect rich, real-time, cost-effective qualitative and quantitative insight on an ongoing basis with just the click of a button, by sending surveys, presenting topics for discussion, moderating member chats, and viewing results — all within a single platform.

What is QuickCommuniites best for?

QuickCommunities is best positioned for users who require immediate qualitative insights, are looking to keep costs low, and don’t need long-term access to the same audience. These communities are have a quicker recruitment timeline than traditional communities.

How do I get access to create a QuickCommunity?

Click on the ‘Create Community” button on the top of the QuickSurveys dashboard. Click the link and fill out the form. A member of our team will contact you to enable this solution for you as soon as possible.

What is the maximum number of members that can be invited and what is the maximum amount of participants?


How do I target my audience?

For a full tutorial click here.

Can I include screener questions within my targeting?

Yes, within the Target page when creating your community, if you scroll to the bottom and click “Create Screening Questions” you are able to program a QuickSurveys questionnaire. Click here for a tutorial

Can targets be revised after the community is already launched?

No, once the community is launched, the targets cannot be edited. A new community would need to be launched in order to target a different audience.

Can sub-groups be created to speak to select respondents who mentioned something important within the forum in order to continue the discussion with just these panelists?

Currently, moderators are able to speak with either all members or a single member in a one-on-one discussion. A one-to-many function is a future enhancement.

What is the maximum number of topics allowed?

There is no current limit

Can users upload their own community members outside of toluna.com?

Not currently, but this is a planned future enhancement. Our Toluna audience does consist of 22 million members in over 68 countries!

Can surveys or poll be integrated? How?

Currently, beyond the initial screener survey, additional surveys have to be built within the QuickSurveys dashboard by using ‘my own audience’ and pasting the link into a topic discussion.

What reports are available that consolidate the community data?

A full reporting dashboard is available with a robust, granular Excel report of the transcript of all qualitative

Is it possible to duplicate a community?

Yes, simply navigate to your QuickCommunities dashboard within QuickSurveys, and hover over the three dots on the right after ‘Country.’ A drop-down menu will appear where you duplicate the community and edit components within a build wizard.

Am I able to exclude previous respondents in a new community?

Yes, all you need to do is launch the new community WITHOUT the recruitment survey. Next, go to the drop down menu in the QuickCommunities dashboard and then click on to the drop-down for that particular survey. Then click on More Options > Exclude Survey.

How do I customize my community?

There are many points within the Build Page where you can customize your community for your brand or topic theme. 

Can I preview my community before launch? Can I preview my screener before launch?

Yes you can preview your community and screener by clicking on the “Preview” button on the Launch page, and using the “test link” on the Launch page for your screener.

Am I able to use photos/videos?

Yes, the limits are currently 200mb for video and 5mb for photos

Am I able to view and export images and videos?

Yes, you can export via PowerPoint to view all images and videos that were posted within the community. Just go to Export > Media on the report page.