QuickCommunities Live Chat Moderation Functions

Previously, we showed you techniques to optimize your online community engagement pre-launch. In this post, we prepare you on how to use all the functions within the live community via QuickCommunities to engage with your audience in real-time.  Our agile solution includes the following:

Analyze and view your report dashboard by clicking the icon here, located at the top right of the live event.

To create a new topic, click the + button.

Complete information on a new topic, and then click Create Topic

Click the three dots to the right of a topic to edit, remove, pin, schedule or close. You can use the ‘close topic’ option to add all topics ahead of time, and unlock when you are ready for respondents to answer.

  • Pin topics – This feature allows the moderator to “pin” a topic to the top of the discussion board, ensuring that all members see the most important topic first, each time. Moderators can pin multiple topics at a time.
  • Schedule topics This feature allows the moderator to configure a set date and time for which a topic will display to members within the community. Topics can be preconfigured based on the planned discussion and minimize efforts while the community is live.
    • In the event that moderators prefer a more bulletin-board style approach. Members will be exposed to incremental topics without the moderator being online, providing a more ‘hands free” approach to moderating the community.

Tag member in discussion/chat with “@” – This feature allows the moderator to tag a specific member within the discussion.  Moderators can simply use the ‘@’ symbol before the member name to tag a member. This will ensure that the members are able to see their names on a more pronounced scale within the discussion.

The lock represents a closed topic.

To get more information about a participant, hover over their username. To remove them, click on the 3 dots next to their username and then ‘remove user.’

To comment within a topic, add photo or video, type in this box:

To like a response, click on the Thumbs Up icon. Use the Tag feature to organize responses. Only the moderator will see these. Click on the three dots next to a comment to remove the comment.

One to one chat with a participant by double-clicking their username. A new window will open where you can chat with them privately.


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