QuickCommunities Pre-Launch Engagement Part 1: Setup Optimization

There are many ways you can engage members from the get-go, and part of that is in your setup. By reading Parts 1, 2, and 3 you’ll have set up your QuickCommunity to maximize your engagement potential.

You can read the post below, or watch this video:

When on the Invite page of the Build portion of your QuickCommunity, you can create an atmosphere that is inviting, colorful, and enticing with customization elements. When a participant first enters a live event, it’s an entirely new concept to them. This is where you come in and make it feel like home.

The Community Name and Description set the tone of the community, it serves as a constant and is what participants will look for each day they enter. Give the brand name, a unique name or something fun and memorable that has to do with the topic of your event.

The Header / Logo / and Theme color give the Event a more homey feel. Pictures are worth a thousand words. Upload a banner and logo that are relevant to your topic. For this example, we uploaded an avocado banner and an avocado logo. This further provides context for the participants.

You wouldn’t go to a garden party in a red vampire room. Color is a powerful engagement tool that excites the participants, reveals identity and sets the tone of the event. If you are a brand, we recommend you stay consistent with your brand colors by adding the hex code.

Scroll down and you’ll see that you can add a Panelist sentiment. We recommend that you turn these on. Participants enjoy using these “sentiment” smile icons to add character to their answers (bonus you get this in your data).


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