QuickCommunities Pre-Launch Engagement Part 2: First Topics

There are many ways you can engage members from the get-go, and part of that is in your setup. By reading Parts 1, 2, and 3, you’ll have set up your QuickCommunity to maximize your engagement potential.

You can read this post or watch the video below:

When a participant first enters a live event, it’s an entirely new concept to them. This is where you come in and make it feel like home. When on the Create page of the Build portion of your QuickCommunity, you are asked to set up the first topic a participant will see when they enter the event. This is an opportunity to give them some direction and set the tone with your words.

Use the first topic to welcome, orient, and excite the participant. Once the event is officially launched, you’ll have access to create unlimited topics within your community, so don’t worry about getting to your main questions just yet. Create a story line with your topics. Below are some suggested first topics:

Once you have launched the event, we suggest you go into this topic and explain to the participants how the event will proceed. Be as specific as possible so that respondents know what to expect. It is recommended that you close the topic so that respondents can always “view” and reference this first topic anytime they’d like.

Need help with the wording? Our client services team can help you set up a welcome post that lets the participants know exactly how much they are earning, which days (if any) that they particularly need to be in the community, or how often they need to come back to participate.

The second example for the first topic is using this as an orientation topic. You can call this “introductions”.

This introduction is an ice-breaker, to get the participants to feel comfortable to respond, get a feel for the room, and also get to know the other participants. As a moderator, you should also respond to this question so that participants become familiar with you

Stick to these types of introductory topics, and your participants will be very happy and willing to engage.

Continue on in the series to Part 3 where you can further orient participants through Screener questions.


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