QuickSurveys FAQs

Table of Contents:

  • General & Account
  • Premium Features/Subscription
  • Scripting
  • Launching
  • Features
  • Targeting & Demographics
  • Customization

If you can’t find an answer within this FAQ page, take a look at our Resource Directory for more in-depth tutorials on how to use certain features within QuickSurveys.

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General & Account

What browser does QuickSurveys work best in?

For the best possible experience, please use either Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

How do I sign up to use QuickSurveys?

Sign up for free to be a QuickSurveys user from our homepage, www.quicksurveys.com

I forgot my password. How do I retrieve it?

Refer to this blog

How do I update my personal information?

Log in to your account and select “Account” in the top-right corner of your screen. You may then click the edit icon located to the right of account detail.

Where can I view my account activity?

Log in to your account and select “Account” in the top-right corner of your screen. Here you’ll be able to view your activity, such as surveys launched, credits purchased and the current status of your subscription.

Can you check for “speeders” and valid data?

This is an issue every research tool deals with. Toluna does check for “speeders” (respondents believed to be providing invalid answers to complete a survey as quickly as possible). These respondents are then flagged and are not invited to participate in any further surveys. If you’re suspicious of invalid data of this kind and would like to view the data for yourself at the respondent level, you may easily export the raw data file from the standard Report page.

How do I purchase credits?

To purchase credits by credit card or PayPal, simply follow these steps:

  • Log in to your account and click the yellow “Add More” button in the top right of your screen, or the “Account” tab and then “Buy More Credits.”
  • In the payment calculator, indicate the number of respondents, questions, and your target(s). The price will automatically re-calculate upon clicking “Update Cart.”
  • Select your payment type (PayPal, Visa, Master Card, Discover, or American Express). If you have a promotional code, you may enter it here click “Redeem.”Once payment information is, simply click the “Buy” button and proceed to the checkout.
  • Enter your billing details to finish your purchase.
  • NOTE: If you prefer to be invoiced for credits, please contact the QuickSurveys team at support@quicksurveys.com.

Is the device someone is taking a survey on recorded?

Yes, you are able to see the following devices: iPhone, iPhone Mobile App., Android, Android Mobile App., iPad, iPad Mobile App., and Stationary.

Where can I find out more information about costs?  

You can find more information about costs here

Premium Features/Subscription

Why do I need a subscription to access certain features?

Perhaps not surprisingly, a subscription is required when launching to your own list of contacts and using our more advanced survey features including Advanced Reporting and Analytics, Random Assignment, Secure Video Hosting, Piping & Masking, Operational Quotas, and Unlimited E-Mail Invites. If you launch to the Toluna global panel of millions of consumers, premium features are included at no additional cost. To subscribe to our premium feature plan, simply add any of those features when building your survey and you’ll be prompted on the Launch page to subscribe to launch your survey. Read this post for more information on the features we offer in a subscription.


Can I save the questions I’ve added to my survey to reuse at a later time?

To the top right of each question is a star. Click on the star to save it to your Question Bank. You can then access these questions later from the build screen by clicking the Question Bank icon at the bottom of the menu on the left of the screen.

Can I disable the previous button in my survey? 

Yes you can use the Hide Back Button which is an option that removes the ability for respondents to navigate back to a previous survey page, therefore, prohibiting them from editing their responses.

How many questions can I have in a QuickSurvey?

There is a maximum of 50 questions when launching your survey to the Toluna panel via the AskToluna launch option. When launching to your own list, there is no limit.

What is a filter and how many can I have in my survey?

A filter allows you to create skip patterns, screen out respondents, or force a respondent to complete the survey based on conditions you set within the filter and how respondents answer your survey questions. You can have an unlimited amount of filters in your survey.

What is Random Assignment?

Random Assignment allows you to concept test without bias by randomly displaying blocks of concepts (including text, videos and images) and or questions with your target audience. This feature randomly assigns respondents to ensure each respondent has an equal change of being assigned to a concept group. This way, you can rest assured that any changes observed after comparing the data are due to the concepts themselves – not the characteristics of the audience. See this post for a step-by-step guide.


What is Secure Video Hosting?

This feature allows you to embed video directly into your survey from your own device, with the peace of mind that your content is protected. Respondents are required to watch the video from beginning to end before continuing to the next page and do not have the ability to pause, rewind or fast-forward the video. You may also include an optional watermark for additional security.

Which QuickSurveys features do I need to pay for?

While the QuickSurveys tool is 100% free to use with our powerful standard features, we do require a monthly subscription when launching to your own list of contacts and using any of our premium features.  PowerSuite and QuickCommunities also have additional costs. Please contact support for more information. 

Targeting & Demographics

Do I have to select demographic questions for my survey?

No, including our pre-set demographic questions in your survey is not mandatory. If you are launching your survey to the Toluna panel via the AskToluna launch option, demographic information will automatically populate in your report, as QuickSurveys stores each panelist’s information. However, if you’re launching to your own list and would like to capture demographic information from each respondent, you can select which attributes to capture from the demographic questions tab on the far left of the Build screen of your survey.


Can I customize my survey?

Here is a comprehensive list of all the customization you can do within QuickSurveys. 


What are my launch options?

You can launch via AskToluna or AskToluna Pro to access Toluna’s global community of millions of consumers, or launch via a web link, e-mail, or embed a widget to your website. 

How do I know how long my survey will take to complete when using AskToluna Pro?

On the launch page, ‘Days in Field’ is displayed. This reflects the minimum number of estimated days required to fulfill your survey request based upon the targets selected, number of respondents requested, and the length of the survey. This field is not editable as it automatically is calculated to return the minimum value for your convenience.

Can I add more respondents to my survey after it’s launched?

Yes, you can add more respondents to your survey at aany timewhether it is Live or Closed.

How many people can I upload at once in an email upload?

You can upload 10,000 email contacts at one time to help ensure successful delivery.

I’d like to close my survey even though it hasn’t completed. How do I close my survey?

You can pause a survey one of two ways: either select the pause icon from the Action bar on your Survey Management homepage or simply go to that particular survey’s “Launch” page and hit the pause button. A few more respondents may come into your survey if you paused it while they were actively taking the survey, but no more respondents will be able to enter your survey after you have paused it.

Can I adjust my launch start and end date and time?

Yes, this post shows you how to do this.

Can I preview my survey before I launch it?

Yes, we take you through it step by step here.

How does targeting work with AskToluna?

Here’s how to add targets on the launch page.

How do I exclude respondents from other surveys I’ve launched?

This post shows you how to do this.

When should I select “Allow multiple responses per device”?

The purpose of checking “Enable multiple responses per device” is to allow respondents to take the surveys multiple times, or to administer a survey with central location testing using one device (such as a tablet of shared computer) for multiple respondents.

Can I ask the same survey in multiple languages?

The survey will display to the respondents in whatever language it is programmed in. For surveys in multiple languages, use the Duplicate function and overlay the translated text prior to launching. As long as your content is the same, you’ll be able to Merge your results in Analytics once your surveys have closed.

How many completes can I get in one survey?

There is no limit to the amount of completes a survey can achieve. When sending to the Toluna panel, you are able to send to 5,000 respondents at one time. You may continue to add additional respondents after your initial launch.

How do I view my survey results?

Sign in to your account and click the on the “Reports” icon. Select the relevant survey you want to review the results for. Analyze the results directly on the reports page or download them to Excel or PowerPoint. 

Once the first respondent answers your survey, your report page will be visible. From that point forward, your survey results will populate in real time until your survey has reached its quota. These results are accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Do I need to pay again if I re-launch my survey after pausing it?

You will only need to pay if you are adding additional respondents via the AskToluna launch option or if you are adding the advanced reporting and analytics feature to a free survey not sent to the Toluna panel.

How much will my survey cost if I’m using my own sample list?

Provided you have a Premium Account, there is no charge to launch a survey to your own list.

What is the cost of sending a survey to the Toluna panel?

QuickSurveys is credit based. For questions regarding the pricing guidelines of surveys with demographic targeting, please contact the QuickSurveys team at support@quicksurveys.com.