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Using Ask The Nation

Have you noticed the little box on your reporting page called “Ask the Nation?” This free reporting feature lets you balance your results against census data; ideal for all users seeking projectable data.

More specifically, Ask the Nation takes your panelist information, and based on census data, calculates the demographic profile of gender, age, and region of the national population.

Using this feature requires just one click! Simply visit your reporting page, drop a question’s menu, select Ask the Nation option (shown below), and QuickSurveys will automatically re-calculate your data to be representative of the nation.


Ask the Nation is a great feature when exploring opportunities for growth or innovation; your results will not only give you insightful and useful data, but also a true representation of a marketplace at any one time.

[Something to note: Your sample size must be at least 300 respondents. You may only target by country in order to use Ask the Nation. If you’re targeting additional attributes, Ask the Nation will not be available.]

Go ahead and give it a try today and see how your results balance against census data!


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Defining Quotas with Advanced Targeting (AskToluna Pro)

There are 3 audience selections that you can make with QuickSurveys: AskToluna , AskToluna Pro which is our advanced targeting option, or sending out to your own audience. If you have selected AskToluna Pro, this post is for you. Alternatively, you can watch this video:

In the Creating A Survey with Advanced Targeting post, we showed you how to select and customize your target ranges. Once you select your targets, you will then be prompted to define the quotas you want for each of your targets.

There are 3 ways you can define your quotas for each target range:

A.  You can input the number of respondents you want in each target range. Make sure the total across ranges equals your total targeted number of respondents.

B. Secondly, you can input the percentage % of total respondents you would like for each target range. Make sure the total across ranges equals 100%

C. Lastly, you can click into one of the boxes to reveal a blue magic wand. click on the wand to evenly distribute the total respondents into the target ranges

When finished, click Calculate at the bottom of the screen to ensure that the targets you have set are feasible.

Continue on to create your questionnaire!


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Adding Operational Quotas in QuickSurveys

Do you find yourself in a situation where you need to limit the number or percentage of respondents who answer a question a certain way? For example: You are launching a survey about movies. One of the multiple choice questions asks respondents what type of movies they and enjoy and you want to make sure there is a maximum 30% who choose “Action” and a maximum of 30% that “Adventure.”

To achieve this, you can set an operational quota in QuickSurveys from the Survey Logic Page.

Creating Operational Quotas

From the Build Page, click on Survey Logic

On the Survey Logic Page, click on “ADD NEW QUOTA

In the Edit Condition window, click on the Page and then on the question that you want to add a quota to and then click Next

Enter a Quota Name at the top and check off the “Use Percentage” Box if you want to set % quotas (leaving the box unchecked will allow you to set number of respondents rather than %)

Next to the answers, enter any quotas you are looking to set

Select the action you expect when a quota is filled. The action will determine what happens to a respondent after the particular quota group has been filled.

Click Next

Once thing to keep in mind – Operational quotas are set at the question level. If you have termination points in the survey where respondents can potentially screen out, it may impact the quota you have on completes by marking potential screen outs as such.


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Advanced Targeting Capabilities

With these new features, available via the AskToluna Pro launch option, QuickSurveys users now have access to over 200 demographic and profiling categories when sending their survey to Toluna’s global panel of millions of consumers.

Also included with AskToluna Pro are on-demand feasibility and customization options for specific ranges, nested quotas and more. Complex studies that previous required manual intervention can now be done on a DIY platform in just a few clicks – with no manual intervention needed! See below for more information, including how to access these features.

What is it?

Our advanced targeting options can be accessed through AskToluna Pro.

Features include:

  • Select up to 25 demographic targets
  • Select up to 50+ profiling targets
  • DMA & MSA targeting capabilities
  • Postal Code targeting
  • Real-time feasibility
  • Add interlocking quotas

How is this different from the AskToluna launch option?

Both the AskToluna and AskToluna Pro launch options can get your survey to to the world’s largest social voting community of more than 13 million global consumers. The main difference is AskToluna Pro allows for behavioral profiling and customization of targets, quotas, postal code targeting, DMA/MSA targeting and real-time feasibility. AskToluna will work as it always has, enabling you to send to general population or target by up to 3 demographic targets as well as send to your own list of contacts.

How do I access this feature?

Watch this video “Selecting Your Audience” on choosing your audience, or read below:

From your QuickSurveys dashboard, click on Create Survey and choose AskToluna Pro

On Define your Survey Page

  1. Name your survey
  2. Select a category
  3. Customize the appearance of your survey

On the next page, select Country and Number of Respondents for your survey.

  • The population incidence rate (IR) will determine how many completes your survey will receive.
  • Respondents are the total number of respondents who will view the first page of your survey, not the number of respondents who will complete your survey.
  • When selecting a respondent number, be sure to consider screening and/or filtering parameters that will be included in your survey.
  • You may need to increase the number of “starts” to obtain the number of completes you require.
  • The days in field will reflect the minimum number of estimated days required to fulfill your survey request based on the targets selected, number of respondents requested, and the length of the survey. This field is not editable, nor can it be changed as it is automatically calculated to return the minimum value. Adjust accordingly or contact our help desk for assistance.

Selecting Demographics and/or Profiles will activate drop-down menus displaying target categories available through AskToluna Pro. Use the scroll bar or search feature to view and find the appropriate target categories for your survey.

Click on the demographic and profiling targets that you need, drag and drop to the left of the screen where it says “Add Targeted Quota Here.”

For each Profile Category there is a list of supported questions, each of which has several supported responses that can serve as qualification criteria for your respondents.

The demographic targets include:

  • Age
  • Annual Household Income
  • Children under 18
  • DMA
  • Education
  • Ethnicity
  • Gender
  • MSA
  • Number of people in Household
  • Postal Codes
  • Race
  • Regions
  • State
  • Work Position

The 50+ profiling targets you can use include are contained in the following categories:

  • Personal– information that may change frequently and specific to the respondent or his or her household, such as pregnancy, salary or income;
  • Automotive – information about the vehicles in the respondent’s household, such as ownership and number of cars in household;
  • Employment – further details about the respondent’s employment;
  • Finance – details about the financial assets of the respondent and/or the respondent household;
  • Health – details about specific ailments and health conditions;
  • Internet – use of the internet;
  • Mobile – mobile specifics, such as type, cellular service;
  • Shopping – grocery stores and alcohol preferences; and
  • Personal Interests and Beauty – preferences around hobbies, activities, and beauty pursuits.

For each target you choose, you will need to enter a number of respondents you require for that target, or a percentage. The percentage/number should add up to your original respondent requirement (in this example, the number should add up to 100).

If the target is feasible, you can hit continue and go to the Build page where you can start entering your questionnaire per usual.

If the quota is not feasible, try changing your selection criteria under the targets, number of respondents, or the combination of both. Still seeing your target as not feasible? Contact our help desk.

Once you have selected your targets, click “Continue” to take you to the standard Build page where you can create your questionnaire, and then launch!


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