Programming made easy: 4 tips to quickly program your survey

If you’re looking for the quickest way to get reliable data, you’ve certainly made the right choice by selecting Toluna QuickSurveys. Next up is programming your surveys, and we’re here to help. We know everyone wants information at the snap of a finger, so here are some tricks to help you make the programming process that much easier and quicker!

Scripting 101
Pre-script your survey. This will save you a lot of time, trust us. If you write out your questionnaire before you start programming, you can easily copy and paste your questions and answers right into the tool. It’s also easier so you don’t need to come up with your ideal wording on the fly.

Tip: Use the “Text Field” option to paste in your entire choice list in one shot.

Question Types That Save Time
Use rating scales. Use the pre-set rating scale. This will save you time because you won’t have to type or copy/paste your scale points into the tool.

Pick favorites. Add questions into your ‘Favorites’ list. (Located on the bottom left side of the build survey screen) This way you have the option re-insert the questions into any future survey. How does this help? If you’re using some of the same questions over and over throughout your surveys, you can simply select those questions from your Favorites menu to input or use as a starting point.

Tip: If you have to repeat more than one question on the same page and they’re all in your “Question Bank,” add more than one question in at a time. The questions are inserted in the order they appear within the Bank.

Make Your Survey Interactive
Add images and videos. You can either upload images straight from your computer, or use our live Bing Images feed to insert images. Adding videos? Make sure they’re hosted on either YouTube or Vimeo, then search for them through QuickSurveys or copy and paste their link.

Tip: Within your survey, make sure you name each image/video so that you can easily identify them when you’re ready to add them to your survey.

Make Sure Skip Logic Makes Sense
Adding filters. The best time to add filters/skips to your survey is once you’re all done programming, this way you won’t have to go back and update filter logic if you’ve modified your survey a few times.


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