Secure Video Hosting

Recently at Toluna QuickSurveys, we added two innovative features to our DIY survey platform: Random Assignment and Secure Video Hosting.

With Secure Video Hosting, users can add video to surveys quickly and easily. Users can now upload video safely and securely from their own device with the peace of mind that their content is protected.

Videos will embed directly into the survey, where respondents will view the video without the ability to pause, rewind or fast-forward, forcing them to watch the entire video before proceeding on. There’s also an optional watermark that may be added for additional security.

How to upload secure videos when building a survey in Toluna QuickSurveys:

1. Through the Video Upload, click on Add Video.

2. Select if there should be a generic watermark with the video.  The watermark will display at the bottom right corner of the video in the live environment.

3. Browse for the Video located on your computer. Be sure Pop-Ups are enabled for the account or else you will not be able to browse for the video.

4. The video title is automatically updated with the original video file name, but feel free to update as you please.

5. After uploading the video, you can preview the video by clicking on the play button.


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