Using Ask The Nation

Have you noticed the little box on your reporting page called “Ask the Nation?” This free reporting feature lets you balance your results against census data; ideal for all users seeking projectable data.

More specifically, Ask the Nation takes your panelist information, and based on census data, calculates the demographic profile of gender, age, and region of the national population.

Using this feature requires just one click! Simply visit your reporting page, drop a question’s menu, select Ask the Nation option (shown below), and QuickSurveys will automatically re-calculate your data to be representative of the nation.


Ask the Nation is a great feature when exploring opportunities for growth or innovation; your results will not only give you insightful and useful data, but also a true representation of a marketplace at any one time.

[Something to note: Your sample size must be at least 300 respondents. You may only target by country in order to use Ask the Nation. If you’re targeting additional attributes, Ask the Nation will not be available.]

Go ahead and give it a try today and see how your results balance against census data!


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