Getting to Know the QuickSurveys Dashboard

If you want to learn the basics of navigating your account in QuickSurveys, then you’ve found the right post.

Once you’ve registered and logged into your account, you’ll find a few things.

A top navigation with:

  • (A) QuickSurveys logo: Click this anytime to get back to the main dashboard
  • (B) Create: Click here to start creating your survey. A drop-down menu will appear where you can choose which solution works best for you. Each option is explained in detail in the next section.
  • (C) Premium Subscription: Click here to upgrade your account. Becoming a premium member allows access to features including advanced reporting, operational quotas, secure video hosting, piping and masking, email invites and advanced customization.

When you click “Create”, you are presented with a few options to choose from:

  • (E) Custom Survey: Here is where you can build your survey questionnaire using QuickSurveys. First, you will need to (H) select your audience (read this post for help with that)
  • (F) Automated Survey: Otherwise known as the PowerSuite: This is a collection of fully-automated insight solutions designed to guide you from ideation to understanding in just hours. These options enable you to conduct package, concept, shelf, positioning and attitudinal studies through intuitive solutions. More information here.
  • (G) Create Community: This allows you to use QuickCommunities, a revolutionary DIY solution enabling you to create a highly-engaging, branded, an online community in minutes, then recruit your precisely targeted audience from the global Toluna community (or from any survey) — all in real-time. More information QuickCommunities here.

(D) Your name with a drop down includes these:

  • Your credit balance: This is the number of credits you currently have in your account.
  • Add credits: Is your credit balance low? Click this button to add more to your account so you can launch a survey.
  • Account: This page gives you all the information you need about your profile including your transactions, current balance, and account details. To edit your account details, click on the pencil icon in the top right of that section. You can also buy more credits on this page.
  • Sign out: This is where you can sign out of your account.

Under the main dashboard header, is a subheader where you can view all your projects within the 3 categories: Surveys, PowerSuite, and Communities.

  • (I) Surveys: All your current and past surveys will display here in reverse chronological order according to date.
  • (J) PowerSuite: All PowerSuite projects will display here in reverse chronological order according to date. Under each project name, will be the solution such as “PowerConcept” or “PowerPack“.
  • (K) Communities: All your QuickCommunities will display here in reverse chronological order according to date.
  • (L) Search box: Enter words to search for your survey name here

Within each category dashboard, you have another sub-header with labels that can be used to sort all your projects.

  • (M) Status: You will either see “Closed” “Pending” “Paused” or “Open” here, indicating the status of your survey.
  • (N) Name: This is where you’ll see the name of your survey in the large, bold text, and underneath in gray, smaller text is your internal survey name. You can search for these terms in the search box.
  • (O) Total Respondents: This number indicates the total number of respondents that started the survey. Respondents can come from all sample sources including Toluna’s sample, your own sample, and quota fulls.
  • (P) Paid Respondents: This shows the number of Toluna participants you paid for via AskToluna or AskToluna Pro.
  • (Q) Reports: Here you’ll see two icons. The bar graph will take you to your report. The arrow will upgrade your account to premium.
  • (R) Created: This is the date that you first created your survey. The star icon indicated how many credits were used for the survey.
  • (S) Country: This is the country that you targeted your survey to. If you send to your own list, this will be marked “Global”.

By clicking on the text, or the arrow next to each article, you can reorder alphabetically or by date.

Need more instruction? Navigate back to the main page, and select your category.

Don’t have time to become a survey pro? Enlist ours.

Upgrade your account to Premium.

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